Prologue: Life of Vidar

Prologue: Life of Vidar

Vidar: Norse God of Vengeance, also known as the "Silent God"

Vidar was known as a strategic, powerful and humble god, respected by the other gods. Many believed that Vidar and Thor were equal in strength and battle experiences, as they were half brothers. 

In Norse mythology, Loki and his giant beasts planned to overthrow the gods with a gruesome war, known as Ragnarok.

Aware that a war could breakout at any moment, Vidar began designing shoes for battle while all the other gods were training. Although the other gods were confused by Vidar's choice, they did not interfere with his work or question his motives out of respect.

From the beginning, Vidar was preparing to face Loki's most ferocious beast, the legendary giant wolf, Fenrir. Vidar discovered a weakness in Fenrir that the other gods did not notice, which led him to design special soled shoes specifically to defeat Fenrir.

Ragnarok broke out suddenly when Loki and his beasts attacked the Gods. Each of the gods faced Loki's beasts individually. However, the king of the gods, Odin decided to take on the most ferocious Fenrir.

Odin fought valiantly to take down Fenrir, but Odin ended up being defeated. Upon hearing that Odin challenged Fenrir first, Vidar rushed over, but in the end he watched Odin die in front of his eyes.

In his rage, Vidar used his custom shoes he had made to stomp on Fenrir's lower jaw, dislocating it and killing the fierce wolf.

Claiming victory against Fenrir, Vidar established the title of "god of vengeance" and was one of the few gods to survive Ragnarok.