Chapter 5: Resonate

Chapter 5: Resonate

I was fortunate to grow up in Canada as the first generation of immigrants from South Korea. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to live far away from my family in Korea, especially my grandparents. As we had to settle into our new home, we realized we wouldn't be able to see our family for a while. 

It was a privilege to grow up with my grandparents when I was a child, but as we grew older, we were given less time to spend together. Yet, I loved every minute we spent together, whether we ate breakfast together or just talked on the phone. 


Having lost my grandfather so suddenly, I never imagined that his presence would resonate and have such a tremendous impact on me. On some days, I'd be doing well, but suddenly my world would collapse into a void of depression and thoughts of ending this painful feeling of losing my grandfather. 

Despite the tremendous pain, every time I entered the void, I would reach out for the first light I could see. After I saw the light, it opened up new perspectives and helped me emerge from the void.  

  1. Temporary, everything in life is temporary. We all lose someone throughout the course of our lives; therefore, any time you spend with your loved ones, you learn to treasure much more than before.
  2. Impact, live to your full potential. As a result, your presence would leave a positive impact on the lives of others. Similarly, our moon has a great deal of positive impact on earth by creating tides, reflecting light at night and protecting us from asteroids. 
  3. Bloom, growth isn't consistent. We are like perennial plants, retreating to our roots when faced with difficulty, but blooming into our new self once we are able to overcome it. 

Getting over that void in my life was perhaps the greatest challenge. However, with the guidance of my grandfather's presence, I have developed a deeper appreciation for life.


This collection honors my grandfather, whose presence resonated with me and helped me start my journey with Vidar. 

It was meaningful to me to choose a developer who is located near the place where I spent my last moments with my grandfather.

I took my time sampling each fabric produced in my home country as a way to share with you my memories and experiences of Korea. Using a mass-produced shirt would've been disrespectful and distasteful.