Chapter 4: K9 Unit

Chapter 4: K9 Unit

The K9 were the first shoes designed by the founder of Vidar, Sunny.

There are 3 main parts of the shoes that resembles something deeper than just the design.

1. Such as the Teeth design on each side of the shoe, they represent Vidar stepping on Fenrir's lower jaw covered in sharp canines to defeat the ferocious beast.

2. The name K9 stems from the teeth design as well, originally they were going to be called the canines, however K9 had a better ring to it.

3. As homage to Sunny's Korean heritage, the curvy eyestay was inspired by the Taegeuk symbol which represents balance and harmony.


Fun fact: The K9 unit are the first shoes in Vidar's collection to ever feature the Throttle technology. Which was designed to mimic Fenrir's jaws, representing the fight your opponents will face each time you put the Throttle in sport mode.